Mothers and Daughters Care Initiative seeks to empower adolescent girls and youth sex workers (both straight and LGBT) through HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual and reproductive health advocacy, mentoring and lobying for alternative socio-economic opportunities. Our target groups are from Nairobi’s informal settlements. We embrace a bio-psychosocial approach, where; Bio- involves physical health care through HIV testing and counseling, free cervical cancer screening (limited to the month of October only), distribution of free condoms and lubricants. Education on STIs and their sexual reproductive rights as well as family planning. Psycho- involves personal therapy and group therapy/ support groups for the clients. I create a safe environment where an individual feels comfortable to disclose some of their psychological and emotional issues with the assurance of confidentiality. Social- involves mentoring, career guidance, voluntary rehabilitation and security training. Voluntary Rehabilitation is a key aspect of the initiative’s program which focuses on economically empowering clients by helping them to seek and realize alternative sources of income in both the formal and informal sectors. Both life skills an financial management skills are taught.This program is only offered to willing clients so as not to force change but encourage it in a respectful manner.

Mothers and Daughters Care Initiative

Mothers and Daughters Care Initiative seeks to empower adolescent girls and youth sex workers

What madaci does


MADACI has a spread the love campaign which seeks to reduce stigma and discrimination against our target group in the community level. We to provide a safe environment where the target groups are free to express themselves without fear of discrimination or prejudice. When they come to us they do not have the title ‘taboo’ written on their fore-heads but are normal human beings who have the right to good health and safe sexual practices and equal opportunities for economic development.


We offer a safe environment for clients, free from discrimination and prejudice. All the service providers in the Initiative create a friendly and welcoming environment, attending to all clients without any unfair treatment or favoritism. We not only care about the health of our clients but also their security. We educate clients on peace and conflict resolution. This is a major area of concern because the target groups are vulnerable to facing a lot of violence and abuse; from police, their clients, business competitors and relationship partners.


MADACI is a transporter of hope to it’s clients. We help clients regain hope by boosting self esteem, self image and self belief. Is my future damned because of my current situation? The answer is NO! Sex workers have dreams, goals, potential and need guidance and support to realize and live it! (hope has replaced understanding in the website’s subsection)